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The Wasteland Blog Tour: Guest Post + Giveaway!


by Emily Sims

The world of “The Wasteland” began very simply.

The story unfolded in the most organic of ways. At first, I only saw a decimated countryside with wind and sun scorching the earth mercilessly. It was like an introduction to this completely formed world that already existed somewhere in time, I just hadn’t found it yet. As I followed the characters through “The Wasteland”, I realized there were mountains in the distance and an expansive forest on the fringes. None of it was entirely pretty, but when I dug down deeper, I realized, “Hey, there is history here…a rich history.”

Hundreds of stories come alive inside “The Wasteland”.

There are the Commoners. They struggle to make a living. Commoners band together in order to survive. They live off the land and are a rough people. Before the Great War, they were more carefree than they are now. The years have made them paranoid. They are beaten down, but their spirits still smolder under the surface. It wouldn’t take much to set them on fire.

Commoners live together in secret tribes throughout the Wasteland. 

 Then there are the mythical people. They are the ones who live in legend. The great Kings and Queens of old, and the invincible ones…the pure-blooded Royals, loyal Guardians, Watchmen, Prophets, and the like. Once proud and strong, now they hide among the tribes and live in far off places. The land they once occupied has been taken from them. The Commoners they once protected have been made casualties of war. 

 Prophecies and stories abound in the world of The Wasteland. 

Some say the High King will return, but after almost 70 years of waiting, most people have lost hope. There are rumors of the King’s death, but no one really knows for sure.

The Opposition rules over the wasteland. 

 They have decimated it and hold the land tight in their cold grip. Led by Lucius, a hate-filled, jealous Guardian, the Opposition lurks throughout the land. They whisper lies to all unsuspecting souls.

This is a story about a kingdom, and the magical, utterly real people who live there. It’s about an enemy who is devious and horrific. It’s about fighting that enemy to preserve good in the world. And it’s mostly about love…love between a man and woman; between a woman and her children…it’s about how love can cross great distances and live on even after death.

This is the world of “The Wasteland”.

The Wasteland
Paperback: 300 pages
Publisher: Tate Publishing
Release Date: January 7th 2014
In another world, one far removed in time and space altogether, a timeless journey awaits. The path is steep, the road is long, and it encompasses a wild evil. Here, in a place entirely different from our own, we discover the lost remains of a once vast empire and a love story long forgotten.

In The Wasteland, set against a barren landscape, we find a terrified woman named Lylah. She races along the overgrown highways of a war-torn country, pursued by a deadly enemy. Try as she might, Lylah remembers nothing about her past or who she is. Without quite meaning to, she stumbles upon a sinister forest and a small tribe of people. They have dark skin and hair. They speak in thick accents. Nothing about them is familiar, but at least they’re safe.

As she struggles to unlock the keys to her past, Lylah falls deeply in love with this primitive way of life…a way of life she’s never known before. The tribe’s leader is a fearless man they call “Matteo.” He is formidable and abrasive, but Lylah is inexplicably drawn to him.

In spite of uncertainty, one thing remains: an evil force governs this rugged land. The Opposition uses its power to oppress the tribes-people and they are quickly closing in on Lylah. Will she summon the courage to face her past in time? Somehow, Lylah’s memories hold secrets that could destroy the Opposition and break its tyrannical power.

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Author Bio
Emily is a mother, writer, photographer, and home-schooler. She loves family, thrift shopping, chai lattes, good books, nature, and learning new things. She strives to find beauty and divinity in imperfect things…she searches for God in the earthy and the grit and the ordinary and the joyful stuff of life. She lives in Texas with her husband and five children.
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The Secrets of Lily Graves - Excerpt

Today we welcome Sarah Strohmeyer on our blog to feature her new YA book that was released this May, The Secret of Lily Graves. Scroll down to read an excerpt from the book and follow the tour courtesy of Pinoy Book Tours. Have fun!

18635076The Secrets of Lily Graves
 by Sarah Strohmeyer
Publisher: Balzer+Bray
Release Date: May 13th 2014
Blurb: With the intrigue of Pretty Little Liars and plenty of romance, bestselling author Sarah Strohmeyer weaves a story of secrets and lies—set in a funeral parlor.

Growing up in a house of female morticians, Lily Graves knows all about buried secrets. She knows that perfect senior-class president Erin Donohue isn’t what she seems. She knows why Erin’s ex-boyfriend, hot football player Matt Houser, broke up with her. And she also knows that, even though she says she and Matt are just friends, there is something brewing between them—something Erin definitely did not like.

But secrets, even ones that are long buried, have a way of returning to haunt their keeper.

So when Erin is found dead the day after attacking Lily in a jealous rage, Lily's and Matt’s safe little lives, and the lives of everyone in their town of Potsdam, begin to unravel. And their relationship—which grew from innocent after-school tutoring sessions to late-night clandestine rendezvous—makes them both suspects.

As her world crumbles around her, Lily must figure out the difference between truth and deception, genuine love and a web of lies. And she must do it quickly, before the killer claims another victim.

Purchase Links
 photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg


  “Well, you know how guys are in their senior year,” I said, trying to be diplomatic. “Got to spend their final semesters with their bros and all that.”

She swung out her leg, blocking my path. “Um, I don’t think bros are the problem. It’s more like the hos.” Her lips twisted. “Or, to be more specific, one ho. You.”

I sucked in a breath. “Actually, Matt and I. . .”

“Eh, eh, eh.” She tick-tocked her finger. “Correction. There is no Matt and you. Never has been. Never will be.”

I bit my lip and remained still, staring at her outstretched leg. There were five rows to go and I didn’t want to have to come back. But I also didn’t want to get into a confrontation.

“Look, Erin, I have to keep moving if I want to get this finished while there’s daylight.”
I attempted to sneak by, but she slid off the tombstone and blocked my way. “You’re not going anywhere until we hash this out.”

The caretaker was in the gatehouse watching the game on TV. My phone was locked in my aunt’s car on the street. We were almost in the woods and it was beginning to dawn on me that if something happened, no one would hearme scream.

She took a step forward. I took a step back, my heel hitting the base of a headstone. She was so close, I could smell her breath; it possessed an alarming metallic odor.

“Come on, Erin, cut it out.” I gave her a slight push, but she wouldn’t budge.

“You tried to turn Matt against me.”

My pulse had started to race. I was beginning to panic. “Excuse me,” I said, shifting to the right.

Erin shifted to her left. “When he realizes you told him a pack of lies, he’ll be back.”

“And I’m sure you’ll be very happy. Now, if you don’t mind. . .”

“I’m the only one he’ll ever really love.”

If I could just get to the gatehouse, I’d be safe. But the gatehouse was all the way at the bottom of the cemetery road. At least I was in Doc Martens, while Erin was in Frye boots with clunky heels. There was a chance.

And then a gust of wind stirred up a curtain of leaves and I went for it, ducking under her and running as fast as I could, leaving my bag of debris behind. The road was in sight, when I stupidly slipped on the damp grass and stumbled.

It was all she needed.

Erin clamped onto my forearm and gave it a cruel twist, taking her hissy fit to a whole new level. I whimpered as she hauled me upright, and I cursed. I did not deserve this kind of abuse. Lots of girls had practically thrown themselves at Matt. I’d merely been his friend. So why was he taking out her rage on me?

Author Bio 

Sarah StrohmeyerSarah Strohmeyer is the award-winning, nationally bestselling author of fifteen novels one of which, THE CINDERELLA PACT, became a Lifetime Movie, LYING TO BE PERFECT.

Her first mystery, BUBBLES UNBOUND, won the Agatha Award and THE SLEEPING BEAUTY PROPOSAL was nominated for a prestigious RITA™. Her books have been translated into German, French, Italian, Turkish, Taiwanese and a bunch of others.

Her first young adult novel, SMART GIRLS GET WHAT THEY WANT, will be published by Balzer + Bray, an imprint of HarperCollins, on June 26, 2012.
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