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Untitled Me - Tahereh Mafi and Ransom Riggs in Manila!


Dea, Mary Ann and I couldn't express our excitement (and butterflies in our stomachs) when the day ---March 2--- finally came for Tahereh Mafi's signing event here in Manila! More so, two weeks prior the event we were invited by National Bookstore to attend their very first Exclusive Blogger Forum. 

Tahereh Mafi!! *Can you guess the second man sitting to her left?* :)

The Forum started around 1:30 pm but as I insisted we were at Greenbelt earlier than that. We arrived at Powerbooks around 11 am and we were really surprised when JB told us that Ransom Riggs (yes, you heard me right....) will also be joining us at the event. We were like:

The first twenty people who registered were given a chance to ask Tahereh Mafi.  She was so amazing answering the questions given to her and she's really friendly. She even mentioned that her mom was very supportive of her writing career and that she gave her some suggestions for the title of the third book: "Unshackle Me". Although it was very sweet of her mom to suggest a title, Tahereh said the third book is still called 'Untitled Me'. 

Some of things that we learned from Tahereh:
  • The first title she thought for her book Shatter Me was 'Touching Juliet'. She said her agents did not approve of the title because if that's the case it would sound out of the YA genre. She thought if it were 'Touching Juliette' then next books might have been Caressing Adam or Blushing Warner... (Good thing the first book's title was changed into Shatter Me. Haha)
  • Kenji's character was hugely inspired by her brother. That's why it would be weird if Juliette and Kenji would have a thing. 
  • I asked Tahereh if she is planning on writing another dystopian series or if she would divert on other genres. She said that she would probably write something in the Paranormal genre.
  • If you guys are waiting for the selling of the Shatter Me shoes :( Sorry guys but I don't think it will be for sale.
After a while...

Ransom Riggs joined Tahereh up on the stage! =D And he answered perhaps one of your endless questions about him. His real name is Ransom and he has a birth certificate to prove it. :))

They were both funny and friendly

Tahereh Mafi's "eye" 

After the question and answer here and there it's time for the Book Signing!

The Teen Readers' Diary (from left to right: me, Mary Ann, Dea) with Kai Agito of Amaterasu Reads patiently waiting in line with the other bloggers.

Yay! Having our books signed by the one and only awesome Tahereh Mafi!

On this one, Dea told Tahereh how our friend Jello was a super-spoiler friend (going back to the time when he told me the ending of Catching Fire when I was still halfway through the book). Jello took this picture and Tahereh was telling him what a bad spoiling-friend he is. Hahaha

The Teen Readers' Diary with Tahereh Mafi! 

Best part and picture of all! This is so cute. I can't believe Tahereh did this pose with us! #IamstillonCloudNine

I would like to congratulate Dea! She won a 500 GC from National Bookstore. The winners were actually numbers 1, 2 and 3. The odds had been on their favor. ;)

Thanks to Illy Cafe Delizio for their yummy muffins! We're starving after that incredible conversation with Tahereh.

After eating the delicious muffins, we've moved on to Ransom Riggs!
(Left to Right: Dea, Ransom, Jello and Mary Ann)

The Teen Readers' Diary with Ransom Riggs. He sat on a small chair so he could be on our level. He's incredibly tall.

Ransom Riggs and me! *squeals*

We're deciding what kind of wacky pose....Hmmm... Ransom asked me? *fangirl scream* 

The Mr. Pogi (Mr. Handsome) pose!

The bloggers with Tahereh Mafi!

After the Exclusive Blogger Forum at Powerbooks, Greenbelt 4. We went to National Bookstore, Glorietta 1 to attend the book signing event.

A lot of people went to see Tahereh Mafi and have their books signed. 

During the book signing event:

My copies of Shatter Me and Unravel Me signed! :))

Team Handsome! 

We have a book signed by Tahereh Mafi for a giveaway. Wait for a post about that guys! :)

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