Monday, March 12, 2012

We're back (with The Hunger Games look)!

Dear readers,

               We've been MIA for more than a month because of school and other real-life stuff. We have realized that college is a hundred times more difficult than high school and we're not studying just to survive, but to pass the subjects with flying colors. Of course we're not studying 24/7. For the first time in our lives, the three of us went through some great things only college--and in my case studying very far from my family--can offer. After several weeks of posting on and off, we stopped posting altogether. I even contemplated asking Mary Ann and Clarissa if they want to shut down the blog to be able to focus more on studies and doing other things. Apparently we opted not to do that. In the eight months that we've become a part of the YA community, sharing my thoughts about the books I've been reading has become a part of my life. I never really turned my back on reading and visiting blogs during our hiatus, so I know how much we're missing out on. Gladly, school is about to be over so Mary Ann and I (Dea) decided to get back to blogging and start the summer by actively posting on the blog. Finals is just around the corner but we've come prepared by scheduling some posts during the hell week until school's out.

                     Now that we're back, Mary Ann thought that we should also celebrate the movie release of one of our all-time favorite books - The Hunger Games! All of us are huge fans of the books since we read it over two years ago. Saying we're excited to see the movie is a colossal understatement! In celebration of the movie release, her wonderful brother created a THG-themed header. Thank you so much Kuya Anthony!

                     Lastly, a BIG THANKS to our loyal followers who stick with us during our long break. Welcome to the new ones and I hope you continue to support the blog. Our blogoversary is in 2 months and we have some great books to give away. Thank you again and we all wish you a great day!

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