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Book Signing Recap: #MarieLuinPH + Giveaway

Last Sunday, NYT bestselling author Marie Lu came to visit here in the Philippines and had a book signing courtesy of National Book Store. Deavelle, Jello (admin of MarieLuPHIL) and I were lucky enough to attend the blogger's forum before the public signing. Before going to the venue we went first to Glorietta because Jello had to talk and meet his co-admins. It was an insane line I'm telling you, the first people who line up arrived 24 hours before the event! Talk about dedication.

After arriving at the venue for Q&A session with Marie Lu with few minutes to spare, we arranged all items that will be given by the Marie Lu PH at the public signing. 

They got bookmarks, shirts and these posters designed by Aegisdea to be given to first 100 people who lined up. It was love at first sight seeing these awesome posters, such brilliant talent Aegisdea! Some of the bloggers even tried to bribe Jello to give them one poster or bookmarks (haha) but it was spoken for so we just settled for pictures of it.

Dea, Leslie of Bibliophilekid and I,
practicing for our future modelling career haha!
At 10 am Marie Lu arrived and we were ready to know more about her and her books. We were given a chance to ask her questions and got to learned so much more about this lovely author. 

So without further ado here's some of the facts about her and her books:

  • Before being a full time author she was an artist in the game industry and would love to do a picture book someday.
  • Day by aegisdea
    June by aegisdea
  • Day street name was inspired by his optimistic view in life while his traits were inspired by Marie Lu’s favorite character like Han Solo and Robin Hood. June’s name is after the month of June and her traits of a Gemini which is known for being intelligent and ambitious like Sherlock Holmes

  •  The plot of Legend was inspired by social climate with those of real life dystopian like Holocaust.
  • Marie Lu always outline/sketch her main characters and their world before making the whole story
  • She said that there isn’t anything inspired by a fan reaction through her writings.
  • Champion was by far the hardest book she wrote. Marie Lu like bittersweet endings and always wanted to have that kind of ending for Champion.
  • She listens to music while writing but she just listens with sounds like rain or with lyrics that she doesn’t understand.
  • Her favorite place while writing would be in a train.
  •  Marie Lu is a very visual person and would just write what she sees in terms of making the action scenes in her books.
  •  Her agent didn’t like the first 100 pages she submits because the character was very bland but asked who Adelina was.  Marie Lu said that Adelina was the most interesting manipulative character and is very interesting to explore, her agent like it and that’s where TYE born. 
  •  Marie Lu actually doesn’t know what happens after the epilogue of Champion.
  • In switching point of view in her characters, she said that it wasn’t really hard with Legend since she wrote alternating first person POV since high school. But it was more complicated in TYE because the POV has to all comes down with Adelina.
  • Republic or Colonies: She chooses New Antarctica to live in.
  • Day is the obvious rebel but June is the greater because she has to change her entire life for it.
  • She was more likely like Day at the beginning of the story but more of June at the end. Marie Lu sees bits of June that is similar to her like dealing with things and being suck at romance.

After the Q&A it was time for signing of books!

She also graciously signed the bookmarks and posters to be given away.

can we just all take a minute and look at her nails and rings? *drools*

We also get to witness her awesome artistic skills when she draw Day, June, Adelina and Enzo on books of some bloggers.

Jello's copy with June

Celine of  Two Ends of a Bookshelf with Adelina and Enzo
The goddess of nail arts, Nicole of Twins Read
For more of her works visit her nail art blog Novel Nails Designs

And to end, a group picture! #PHYABookBloggers

After having our lunch and getting our Mockingjay tickets--it was awesome! *cue hanging tree song*-- we then went to Glorietta 1 for the public signing. The picture doesn't give justice for all the people who went to the signing. We have to find space at the second floor to wait for Marie Lu, and while waiting we got to talk to some girls who were number 723. That's when we found out that there were 800+ people who registered! There were banners and cosplayers from Marie Lu's hardcore fans. 

After waiting for an hour, Marie Lu finally arrived and the crowd was crazzzy. We actually didn't hear much of the interview because of the scream but I totally understand them, that's what fans do *wink*

 Thank You again National Book Store for making all these awesome events happen and to Marie Lu!

Before we end this recap, our friends over at MarieLuPHIL will be giving away a signed copy of Legend for everyone to enjoy this book. Don't forget to join and feel free to comment below.

Were you in the event? Did you have fun? We want to know! 
PS: We'll be attending the next event. Lang Leav book signing on December 7. See you there!

For more details about the event click this link #LangLeavinPH

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Blog Tour: CITY OF SECRETS by Aoife Marie Sheridan + Giveaway

City of Secrets ( Saskia Trilogy, #2)
Author: Aoife Marie Sheridan
Publisher: Synerg e-books
Sarajane finds herself in the middle of a war… a war over her. While in the City of Secrets, she must learn to use her powers that God gave her to defeat a fallen angel, who wants nothing more than to walk on earth. But will she stop Lucian, the fallen angel in time… even with Tristan and Carew at her side?

A war awaits her arrival,
A warrant for her arrest.
She must rise as a princess,
And Darkness shall fall.
But will their love survive this battle?
For Tristan and Sarajane?.
Step back into Saskia.




     I knew the minute I stepped inside the gold doors I was in the presence of something more powerful than mankind itself. Three beautiful white angels lay in glass boxes. The light that radiated from them was causing my eyes to water. I wanted so bad to touch them. But the closer I got, the light became blinding as I was surrounded in light. A gentle hand grabbed my waist and pulled me back. 

            “Don’t get too close,” Mirium said. He was in awe also of what lay before us. “How is this possible?” I asked to no one in particular. But when I looked around at the occupants in the room I wasn’t surprised. Mirium, Marcella, Avitus and Draco all looked at me. Mirium gave me a warm smile. “They are our founders,” then his smile faded. 

            “They are dying, Sarajane, which means Lucian has started to raise.” The hairs rose on my arms and the back of my neck. I looked back at the angels. I was in the presence of angels. 

            “What are their names?” I knew it was irrelevant but I wanted to know. 
            “Jeremy is to your left. Veronica is the angel in the center, and Sara is to your right.” I just nodded, not able to avert my eyes from them. Their wings were barely visible through the light, but what I could see was snow white feathers that looked so soft.  

            “How much time do we have?” I asked, again to no one in particular. 
            “We honestly don’t know” Marcella answered, in the serious voice I wasn’t used to. “We thought you might be able to tell us,” she said with hope in her voice. I felt like crying. How the hell I would be able to tell was beyond me. I was only a girl and felt it in the presence of something this almighty. But I closed my eyes and asked the question out loud, “How long have I got, in order to save Saskia?”  The angel Veronica stirred, sending my heart rate into over drive. Her glow became less intense and I could see her face. Her beauty made tears come to my eyes. 

            “Come to me Sarajane” she whispered in my head. When I reached her, I fell to my knees. In awe of her, I couldn’t take my eyes away from her angelic face. Her beauty was so unnatural that it did not belong to this world.  “Closer,” she whispered again inside my head. I moved closer, leaning against the glass, as tears slipped from my cheeks, landing on its surface, and then the glass was gone from under my palms and I fell through it. All around was white.  I felt as if my life was slipping away. Maybe it was, but I felt so peaceful. I lay on Veronica’s soft wing.

            “My child,” my heart skipped a beat at the golden voice that rang in my ear. I couldn’t seem to open my eyes but I didn’t mind. The breath that brushed my face was as warm and fresh as the most beautiful summer's morning. More tears came to my eyes. “I will tell you the future of what I see, and I see it so clearly. There are two paths. The first is that you will win this war, but you will die, and in doing so save Carew. Or he will die saving you. Your second path is a more unfortunate one. You will try to save a loved one’s soul, but in doing so you may lose your soul, and if that happens the world will be no more.” Both sounded awful, but the second one, of course, more so.       

 How would I lose my soul? I could feel the angel stir underneath me, her hand reaching out to my face. I didn’t need to see to understand what she was doing. The warmth that washed through me was enough.  I felt as if the angel had touched my very being. “You have been touched by the hands of God,” and then there was a burst of light so strong that I was sailing through the air. 
 The wind was knocked out of me when I hit cold, concrete ground. I didn’t want to open my eyes, as the warmth was leaving my body. I knew I was no longer in the presence of the angels. I was lifted and could feel movement around me. A door closed, more walking, then another. I was laid down on a bed no comparison to the angel’s soft wings. 

            “Veronica,” I called out like a child wanting its mother on a cold and frightening night. 
            “Get some water,” someone commanded. My face was held by old hands. “Sarajane come back to me,” Mirium's voice said gently. I knew he would be worried but I didn’t want to come to this world. But I had to. I opened them slowly, expecting to be blinded by light. But only one candle burned in the dark room. Mirium's worried face smiled at me. He didn’t said anything only kissed my forehead. 

            “What did she say?” Marcella asked unable to control herself. Everyone looked at me, waiting. But my eyes filled with tears not of fear but in want of the angel. Mirium brushed my tears away, and smiled sympathetically as if he understood what I missed. 

            “It can be unbearable to leave them, when we are in their presence. I can not imagine what it must be like to be touched by one.” 

            I went to explain, but my mouth opened and closed, but no words would do the angel justice. Mirium nodded in understanding and then Avitus appeared with water, waiting patiently as I sat up. “Thanks” I whispered. I stared into nothing, thinking about what Veronica had just said, the shifting bodies in the room made me look up. Marcella, Draco and Avitus waited patiently. Everyone was waiting for my answer.  I took a deep breath and told them exactly what the angel told me, without meeting anyone’s eye. I could feel them watching me. Mirium let out a heavy breath. 

            “Okay this is good then. We could win this,” he said turning to Marcella and Draco, who also looked optimistic. 

            “We just need to keep the war outside at bay” Marcella said in her new voice. She could see the disbelief in my voice. “I’m a good actress darling,” she said in her old crazy voice. 

            “Why?” I genuinely couldn’t understand. 
             “It keeps people away from Humus, the crazy leader with no brain. It keeps my people safer.
No one sees me as a threat,” she explained. It seemed a bit over the top, but an amazing deceit.     Draco went into military mode. “We must attack back now at the gates before they try to overpower us again.”

            I zoned out as they talked, and Mirium joined them. I couldn’t stop thinking of all the implications of what Veronica had said, even if we won this war against Lucian either me or Carew would die. My heart felt heavy, and yet I was confused with my own feelings. Why did it bother me so much that Carew might die, what hold had he over me?  

            Avitus moved to my bedside. “I am going to organize our new lodgings so you rest and Mirium will walk you over later” Avitus patted my hair, with such tenderness. I fell asleep for a few hours; when I awoke only Mirium was in the room. He took me back to Avitus' new home, not far from his own. I was greeted with open arms. Avitus had a fresh bed made up for me, along with clean nightwear. 

            “Goodnight,” he said as he closed my bedroom door. I changed and fell into bed, feeling warmth around me that sent me into a deep sleep. “Veronica” I whispered just before my mind went blank. 

About the Author 
Aoife Maire Sheridan is twenty eight years of age. She lives in Kells, Co. Meath, a small town just outside Navan. Aoife was raised in Navan but left with her family at the age of sixteen. Aoife has always had a passion for writing but mostly poetry. This is her first time to write a novel. 

Aoife Marie Sheridan studied Accountancy and qualified as an accountant technician. She worked in this profession for several years but with the economic downturn she was made redundant. 

Aoife Marie Sheridan now works in retail as well as spending endless hours reading and writing.
Follow her on these sites

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Guest Post: Foresworn by Rinda Elliott + Giveaway

Hello everyone! So today we have Rinda Elliott on our blog to give us the 'Songs That Most Remind Me of the Characters in FORESWORN' and of course to celebrate the upcoming release date of the 3rd book in the Sisters of Fate series, Foresworn. Check out each songs below, read the excerpt and don't forget to join on the giveaway! 

Publisher: Harlequin Teen
Release Date: December 2nd 2014
It is written that three Sisters of Fate have the power to change the world’s destiny.

But only if they survive…

Kat Lockwood grew up listening to her unhinged mother’s stories about the Norse goddess souls she and her triplet sisters carry, about fiery deaths and a prophecy foretelling the world’s end. Now, to save that world, Kat must find a guy who hosts the soul of a Norse god–a warrior with the lightest blond hair and the darkest brown eyes.

But at a truck stop on her road trip, Kat freezes time while she writes out a cryptic message in runes. The only other person able to see this happen? A gorgeous guy with the lightest blond hair and the darkest brown eyes.

Kat’s not convinced peaceful Arun is the future warrior who will turn the tide in the final battle. Yet, Arun turns out to be a lot tougher than he seems. As soul-carrying teens and underworld creatures gather over the world’s deadliest volcano, Kat finds that no one, including her sisters and mother, is exactly who she thought they were….

Sisters of Fate

The prophecy doesn’t lie: one is doomed to die.
"Songs That Most Remind Me of the Characters in FORESWORN"

Thank you for having me on your blog! And for the interesting topics! I chose Songs That Most Remind Me of the Characters in FORESWORN because I am a music lover. In fact, I’m kind of a fanatic who has purchased more music than I could ever keep up with. So, it was easy to choose this topic because I actually put together soundtracks for all of my books. They don’t always make sense to anyone but me and some can be all rock, some trip hop, some all instrumental, but most are a mix of both.

I also usually pick one song to be the main song. It could be that a particular song sparked the idea for the book or sometimes, I’ll be walking with my iPod and one song will strike me as perfect for a particular couple in my books. For instance, in book one of the Sisters of Fate books, FORETOLD, one song actually sparked an image of Raven and Vanir in a scene so vividly, I ran home and wrote what ended up being the opening scene. (Originally, that scene was in the second chapter.) Every time I heard the song after that, I wanted to work on the book. I even thanked the band in the acknowledgments. The song?

Across the Stream by Elsiane. 

In book two, FORECAST, half of the soundtrack was from the Butterfly Effect. They just fit Taran. One song in particular stood out. 

Beautiful Mine by The Butterfly Effect 

As for FORESWORN, book three, I’ll share most of the soundtrack. I would usually put this playlist in, go for a walk or run errands, clean…whatever I needed to get done while I got into the mood for the story. I did listen to it while working, but often had to set it aside during the harder scenes because…well, I have a tendency to start singing if there are lyrics. (You never want to hear me belting out Still Here. Never.) Or I chair dance. (I have to remove bands like Crystal Method, Ladytron or Rob Dougan from my soundtracks sometimes so I’ll stop dancing.)  While working, I usually end up playing a lot of moody instrumental bands like Mogwai, Solar Fields, H.U.V.A. Network, Daft Punk, Zoe Keating, All India Radio, etc. 

But here are the songs that made up the FORESWORN soundtrack. I’ve included links to Youtube on them all in case it’s someone new to check out.  

The Incision by Alone Architect (The main song) 

Come Crashing by Digital Daggers (The other main song-wanted both.) 

Out of Myself by Riverside 

Moth to Flame by Alone Architect 

Red Sky by Thrice

Black by Kari Kimmel 

Do I Wanna Know by Arctic Monkeys 

Psyche by Massive Attack 

Not Alone by Alone Architect 

Mine Again by Black Lab 

These Good People by The Gathering 

Psymbiology by Psymbience (This is my brother's band. He’s not on Youtube and there are several places you can hear this entire song, but there’s a sample at

The Devil Within by Digital Daggers 

Helix by Break of Reality 

Say Goodbye (I Won't Even) by Adaline 

Still here by Superchick 

by Rinda Elliott

“Call me later. At this number. Let me know you’re okay.”
“I will.” Other people in the parking lot were stopping, rubbing their ears. “Hey, Raven? Be safe, okay?”
“You, too, Kat.”
The sadness in my sister’s voice cut into me.
Arun came around his truck. “It feels like the world is muffled.”
I nodded because that’s exactly how it felt. Like someone had plugged my ears so all the sound around me came at a different decibel. It was so strange. Like even my nose had been stuffed with cotton balls.
“Come on,” he said. “Maybe it’s better inside the store.”
But the closer we walked toward the store, the quieter it got. I walked around a set of shopping carts, noticed that even the sounds in the air—the cars, birds and snow—seemed to disappear. To test my theory, I went back and walked on the other side of the carts. Sound got louder.
I took Arun’s hand and pulled him back to walk him on either side of the carts to show him. He stared to our left. “Someone yelled over there earlier. Let’s head that way.” He pointed toward the fast-food restaurant at the front of the store’s parking lot. There was a lake beyond the restaurant, and I looked around and realized this was near the place I’d pulled over to talk to Raven yesterday morning. It was hard to believe everything that had happened since then.
We walked closer to the lake. Snow fell hard and fast, coating the trees, the ground. Some even floated on top of the water. A group of blackbirds gathered overhead and I heard the distant sound of their cries.
But they were right over our heads.
They should have been so loud.
After we stepped off the pavement and onto the grass, everything sort of just stopped. I stepped to the right and again heard the cries of the blackbirds above us. Barely. Arun touched my arm and I looked at him. He held up a finger in the universal “wait” signal. Frowning, he took another step to the right, stopped, then moved left. His dark eyes went wide and he gestured for me to follow.
I stepped to the left and even the sounds from the birds disappeared.
At this point, all I heard was the fast pound of my own heartbeat. And it raced, raced, raced because everything in me at this point was screaming for me to start walking backward. Back into the parking lot, back to the truck. As fast as humanly possible.
But another part of me wanted to keep going left so I could see why the noise seemed to be sucked out of the atmosphere with every step.
So I took another.
This time, even my heartbeat stopped sounding in my ears. There was complete and total silence and nothing in my entire weird, crazy life had ever sent this sort of terror singing through my veins. It moved so fast and hard, I half expected to hear it swimming through my body.
I closed my eyes, tried to wrestle back the fear and felt Arun take my hand.
I stared at his hand, then looked up at him, expecting to find one of his kind smiles as he offered me comfort. But he wasn’t looking at me. His eyes were narrow and directed to a group of drooping snow-covered trees right next to the water.
In that moment, something in my chest—this knot that had made everything feel tight and full—sort of loosened up. Warmth flowed through me, and I tightened my fingers around his. His expression, when he looked down at me, turned that warmth into something I hadn’t felt since that night I’d taken another boy’s hand and followed him into the woods.
Arun tilted his head left, wanting me to go with him.
I nodded but tugged on his hand first.
He bent close but shook his head. I knew he was telling me he wouldn’t be able to hear me, but I hadn’t planned to say anything. Instead, I stretched up and pressed my lips to his. He smiled against my mouth, then kissed me back. When I pulled away, there was something new in his gaze as he stared at me, something thoughtful. And something kind of hot.
Answering heat crept up my neck, and I guess he could see it because he grinned and touched my cheek.
Brigg’s face appeared right next to ours and he rolled his eyes.
I rolled my eyes back, then glared at him.
He laughed silently, his smile fading fast as he pointed.
 photo addtogoodreadssmall_zpsa2a6cf28.png photo B6096376-6C81-4465-8935-CE890C777EB9-1855-000001A1E900B890_zps5affbed6.jpg

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I love unusual stories and credit growing up in a family of curious life-lovers who moved all over the country. Books and movies full of fantasy, science fiction and romance kept us amused, especially in some of the stranger places. For years, I tried to separate my darker side with my humorous and romantic one. I published short fiction, but things really started happening when I gave in and mixed it up. When not lost in fiction, I love making wine, collecting music, gaming and spending time with my husband and two children.

I’m represented by Miriam Kriss of the Irene Goodman Agency.

You can find me at &

Win all 3 ebooks in the Sisters Of Fate series (INT)

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