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FEAR Blog Tour Playlist and Author Spotlight + Giveaway(INT)!

Fear-A Modern Anthology of Horror & Terror
Date Published: 10/03/12
Tour Host: Book Me!
Fear Blurb: Fear: A Modern Anthology of Horror and Terror brings together, for the first time, tales of murder, monsters and madness, by sixty of the world’s best indie horror authors. 

Discover what lurks in the water at the end of the garden, learn of the unforgiving loyalty of a loving toy and meet a writer, just itching to finish his latest horror story.

Every author in the Anthology has generously contributed their work for free. All royalties from sales will go directly to the international charities, Barnardo’s and Médecins Sans Frontières.

Fear, with forewords by international bestselling authors, Peter James and Sherri Browning Erwin, is released in Paperback and on Kindle, October 3rd 2012.

Check out the Volume 1 and 2 of FEAR A Modern Anthology:

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Author Spotlight and Playlist

Chantal Boudreau's Playlist:

When I was asked what songs would make an appropriate playlist for my story “Octavia”, the first
thing that came to mind was that corny novelty song, “I Don’t Like Spiders and Snakes.” But truth is,
that’s not typical when it comes to the sort of music I prefer to listen to. I’m the type of writer who
draws inspiration from music and I‘d rather write to song than to silence – it stirs my creative juices.
I always have a playlist set up before I start writing a novel, but usually hit random play for my short
stories, enjoying the chaos for my shorter works. I have eclectic tastes, but I am definitely a fan of
alternative rock and some metal, so I looked to my favourites and came up with a playlist that I think
would make the perfect sound track for Octavia:

Fragile – Megan McCauley

Phobia – Kreator

Spiders – System of a Down

Fear Factory – Replica

Scars in the Making – Fuel

Dark Room (Instrumental) – Sarah Slean

Therapy – Finger Eleven

Spiderwebs – No Doubt

Sick – Evanescence

Had Enough – Breaking Benjamin

I would imagine these songs should give you a few hints at just what Octavia is all about, or at least
the list may have piqued your curiosity. If you want to know more, you can find “Octavia” and many
other chilling tales in Fear, a charity anthology from Crooked Cat which will be available as of
October 2012.


Author Bio

Chantal Boudreau is an accountant by day and an author/illustrator during evenings and weekends, who lives by the ocean in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada with her husband and two children. In addition to being a CMA-MBA, she has a BA with a major in English from Dalhousie University. 

member of the Horror Writers Association, she writes and illustrates predominantly horror, dark fantasy and fantasy and has had several of her stories published in a variety of horror anthologies, in online journals and magazines and as stand-alone digital shorts. 

Fervor, her debut novel, a dystopian science fantasy tale, was released in March of 2011 by May December Publications, followed by its sequel, Elevation, in December of 2011. The third in the series, Transcendence, is planned for release in 2012. Magic University, the first in her fantasy series, Masters & Renegades, made its appearance in September 2011 and its sequel, Casualties of War in June 2012. “Octavia” is her third story appearing in a charity anthology.
Follow her on these sites: Website││Twitter||Goodreads||Facebook

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