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[Blog Tour] Review: As You Were by Samantha Summers

As You Were (Project Five Fifteen, #2)
Paperback: 325 pages
Publisher: Publicious Self-Publishing
Release Date: December 14th, 2012
Purchase: Amazon||Barnes and Noble
For every choice, there is a consequence. 

Ronnie and Kalen are finally together, living their life in secret under the radar of the people who want Kalen dead. But when a visit from an old friend sends Kalen away on a rescue mission, Ronnie finds herself plunged back into the world of Project Five Fifteen quicker than she ever thought possible. 

It’s fast becoming clear The Agency will never give up their hunt for the boys, and a betrayal closer to home starts a chain reaction that will change everything. Now, caught in a deadly web of lies and deceit, Ronnie is forced to question who she can trust; even the person she once trusted most. 

As enemies close in, Kalen’s past threatens to destroy the happiness they sacrificed so much for, and it’s only a matter of time before the ultimate choice must be made….


It's been almost two months since the great escape Ronnie and Kalen endured back in England. Now that they're finally together, it seems that everything now is normal. That is, until an old friend sends Kalen away on a rescue mission. Ronnie finds herself plunged back into the world of Project Five Fifteen, and  The Agency will never give up their hunt for the boys. As enemies close in, pasts from Kalen's life are revealed. Will it destroy the happiness they sacrificed and build for, or will it help them to hold their relationship tighter?

To be honest I think I liked the first book more than this one. I loove– I'm a sucker for action stories, there. But I love them when it's in a movie and reading it is way more hard to catch than I thought. Do I still like the book? Yes, but if there's going to be more revelations in the 3rd book– which i think will happenthen I would probably like it more. Meanwhile, I noticed that the characters made progress in this book. Ace, Nash, and Denver became more mature. They all make their decisions on their own now. I love how Ronnie's not some damsel in distress that would want to be saved all the time, though sometimes she's stubborn, but at least she's not a cry baby. Kalen and Ronnie's relationship became more intense, they face problems which test their relationship, but they get to settle them in a more reasonable and mature way. I know that they're together now, but a normal life wouldn't hurt (although I doubt they'll have normalcy in their lives).

All in all it was an easy read, and I still cannot wait for the third book to come and yes, to read it too.


Author Bio
Born in London, an only child with an overactive imagination, Sam spent much of her childhood telling ghost stories to her younger cousins and dreaming about far away places. She graduated university with a BA in marketing, but it wasn't long before her passion for storytelling and travel got the better of her. She currently lives in Sydney, Australia, where you'll probably find her hidden away in the corner of a park somewhere - writing, reading, dreaming or watching movies on her iPad. She loves everything spy and assassin and has a slightly unhealthy obsession with Star Wars, mainly Darth Vader.
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  1. Sounds like a series that I do need to pick up. Great review.

    Jenea @ Books Live Forever

  2. I often have a harder time with a sequel, usually though it's because I forget so much between installments. Sounds like a pretty good and exciting series though!

  3. Great review. I really have enjoyed this series and I am anxious to see what happens in book 3.

  4. I haven't heard of this one but sad you didn't like quite as much as the first, sounds like the good old sophmore slump.
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog


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