Saturday, May 21, 2011

Review: Tyger Tyger by Kersten Hamilton

Tyger Tyger (Goblin Wars #1)

Hardcover: 308 pages

Published: November 15th 2010
Publisher: Clarion Books

Summary: "Teagan Wylltson's best friend, Abby, dreams that horrifying creatures--goblins, shape-shifters, and beings of unearthly beauty but terrible cruelty--are hunting Teagan. Abby is always coming up with crazy stuff, though, so Teagan isn't worried. Her life isn't in danger. In fact, it's perfect. She's on track for a college scholarship. She has a great job. She's focused on school, work, and her future. No boys, no heartaches, no problems.
     Until Finn Mac Cumhaill arrives. Finn's a bit on the unearthly beautiful side himself. He has a killer accent and a knee-weakening smile. And either he's crazy or he's been haunting Abby's dreams, because he's talking about goblins, too . . . and about being The Mac Cumhaill, born to fight all goblin-kind. Finn knows a thing or two about fighting. Which is a very good thing, because this time, Abby's right. The goblins are coming.

Kersten Hamilton is the author of several picture books and many middle grade novels. When she's not writing, she hunts dinosaurs in the deserts and badlands outside of Albuquerque, New Mexico, where she lives. This is her first novel for young adults. For more about Kersten, please visit"


The book depicted the amazing culture and beliefs of the Irish and what a coincidence when I've read it during St. Patrick's Day. Well, the plot of the story is quite interesting and absorbing. The book was skillfuly written which made me feel the intensity of the emotions of the story. Two things that made my heart thumped was when Teagan went to the Zoo and the cat-sidhe followed her and the other scene was when the Hellhounds chased them even outside the borders of Mag Mell. Those scenes actually put me on the edge of my seat. On the other hand, I was surprised by the early hint of Finn's love for Teagan. I didn't expect it to happen on love at first sight because I've read some books and almost everything started with the feeling of something unknown and basically the characters were confused on that stage. The differnce of this book to the other books I've read was that Finn-Teagan relationship wasn't elaborated that much (well, I think it has similarities to Demon King when it comes to that matter), thus, it will leave you hanging and will make you crave for more reading. Actually the book leave me hanging onto its sequel. All in all it is truly a wonderful book that is worth to read with unique characters and because of that I can't wait to read In the Forests of the Night!  

Amazing! Loved it.



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